An Open Letter to My Husband’s Team

Dear High School Baseball Team,

As you start practicing this extracurricular thing you call a game, take a good look at that bearded man out there with you. He shows up every day, on time, ready to go. He has expectations, and drills, and schedules, and probably some eye-roll-worthy catch phrases. But the next time you step on to the field with him, consider this…

He’s your coach, but he’s also more than that. He’s a husband. A father. Your sport is his passion and has been for a long time. He was once right where you are, running poles and taking BP. You think he’s asking a lot of you, but he’s not asking anything that wasn’t once asked of him. He’s asking you to show up. To try. To be better. To take is seriously. To give 100%. The same things he’s willing to give to you in return. He’ll work hard for you every single day. He’ll be your advocate, your encouragement, your support. I know this because that’s what he is for us.

That man you call Coach, a little boy calls Da. A little boy that he wants to spend time with, play with, teach baseball to. A little boy that is growing up so fast that if we blink, we might miss it. That’s how precious your coach’s time is. I’m asking you not to waste that time. Every hour he spends with you is one less he spends with his own family. He’s out there working hard for you. Work hard for him.

Your sport might be his passion, but it’s not his day job. He works a full time job. He runs a house. He has friends and hobbies other than baseball. He has added your team to his already full schedule. He does this because he knows you are important. Do you? Recognize your worth. Take pride in your sport. Make him proud.

He wants you to love the game like he did. Like he does. He wants you to give everything you have. Everything he gave.

I know you think he’s old, but to me, he’s still a boy in love with the game.

I hope you think he’s pretty great because we know he’s the best. He’s our everything.


Coach’s Wife


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