My 6 Favorite Mom Apps

In today’s digital age, there are so many resources available that can make a new mom’s life a little easier – maybe even too many! I’ve put together this list of apps that I found (often after trying 3 or 4) really helped me in the early months!

MammaBaby – tracking feedings, diapers, and sleep

This app was great in the early days for keeping track of nursing sessions when I could barely see straight enough to look at a clock, if one was even visible from my spot on the couch. Before we discovered C’s dairy intolerance, I wanted to be 100% sure hunger was not the reason for his attitude so I timed every single nursing session to make sure it was at LEAST the recommended 20 minutes. I also tracked when we switched sides to make sure he wasn’t favoring one breast over the other and so I would remember to begin on the opposite side for the next session. This app was free, easy to use, and, unlike some I tried that kept only a running time, it kept a running timer as well a timer split between each boob. It also tracks diapers, which I only tracked when I was unsure if he was wetting enough, and sleep which only made me depressed to see exactly how short his naps were. Once I became more confident in our breastfeeding relationship, I ditched the tracker altogether but it was a great recourse in the beginning.

Pump Log – keeping an inventory of frozen milk

I did not discover this app until I had been back at work and pumping for a few months. I hated pumping and I wanted to know exactly when I would have enough frozen milk to stop pumping and still be able to provide breast milk for Cillian until he was at least a year old. I ended up pumping a week past C’s first birthday and continued to nurse when we were together until he was nearly fifteen months old. This app assured me that I had enough milk in the freezer to make it to his birthday without having to supplement with formula, despite the fact that I was only pumping three ounces most days. This app uses your desired nursing timeline and how much your baby eats each day to calculate how much you need to pump every day to keep up. For some, this may cause stress and anxiety over their low output but for me, it was peace of mind knowing my 500 frozen ounces was enough to get us to one year even if I pumped only one ounce a day!

The Wonder Weeks – tracking development and cranky periods

This app tracks a baby’s physical and cognitive development and can predict when he’s learning new skill and therefore might be a little fussier. Just like the cute pregnancy apps that tell you when your baby grows hair and begins to hear your voice, this app is based off baby’s due date and tracks predictable milestones. While it’s not a genie and it can’t sooth your baby, it is nice to know that your little one isn’t fussing because he’s broken but rather because he’s learning and learning is hard! It’s also fun to see your little do something new and be able to pin it to THIS leap or the last. I always excitedly tell my husband when I’ve noticed a new skill! Definitely check this one out on Instagram!

Picsart- For photos, duh!


Every mom who wants to share or document her pregnancy needs a free, user friendly photo editing app! This is the app I used to add text and images to my bi-weekly belly pics! I still use it today to create meme’s, add holiday cheer to photos of C, and create these beautiful tree of life brealfies! It can also be used to create the monthly photos documenting baby’s age, weight, length and other important milestones. It comes with a lot of free content but more can be purchased in-app. I’ve never NOT been able to create the type of layout I wanted for free.

Snapseed – For photo editing

Not really a mom app, but with all the pictures moms like to take and share of their littles, some editing secrets are a must! I found this app when I decided that with enough creativity and determination, I could create mini photo shoots of Cillian with just my iPhone. I follow HappyGreyLuckys tutorial that you can find here. This is the app I use to edit all my blog photos as well as any pictures I want to print or use for Christmas cards.

Shutterfly – Again with the pictures


I know, “Beka, these are hardly ‘mom apps’!” But aren’t they? Isn’t most of mom life documenting childhood? Shutterfly is a free app with free unlimited storage and automatic uploads to a site that you can access from anywhere! I can’t speak highly enough about this app. When my phone storage is full from my bajillion pictures, I open the app to make sure all the photos have been uploaded and than delete them with confidence from my phone. They stay on the Shutterfly website that I can access through the app, (just as simply as I could show someone a photo on my phone) or a computer. They send free codes and coupons all the time so I recommend signing up for free and getting free stuff for free. Did I mention it’s free?

I hope this list is helpful to at least one new or expecting mother! Be sure to catch my other mom-lists!


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