Postpartum-Care Must Haves

My sisters and I have five, soon to be six, children between us and that makes us mama-experts! We compiled this list of our favorite things every mama needs to care for herself postpartum!

*Just assume most of this can be found on Amazon because Amazon = Mom Life*

Dermoplast Spray

This magic pain relieving spray can be found in any pharmacy but be sure to get the BLUE bottle not the red. I repeat, NOT THE RED. The red one contains alcohol and we all know how alcohol feels on raw or broken skin. I bought two and kept one in each bathroom, in arms reach of the toilet. I sprayed liberally every time I used the bathroom.

Peri Bottle

This is the silliest thing most people have ever heard of, but the best thing a mama can take home from the hospital. I took two! It’s a squirt bottle for your lady part. Again, I kept it full (preferable with warm water) and within arms reach of each toilet. I made sure to take it with me in the diaper bag when I went out for the first month or so. Just trust me, don’t try to use toilet paper for a while. I still carry this bottle in the diaper bag for wetting cloth wipes for sticky toddler faces and dropped sippy cups.

Stool Softener (not a laxative)

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about first postpartum poops but I’m here to tell you they do not have to be scary! My older sister recommended I start a stool softener a week before my due date to keep things moving easily but I think I forgot. Instead, I ate 6 dates a day based on this study that said they may help with natural labor and they worked like a natural stool softener! I attribute the fact that I did not poop during labor to having eaten these and stayed regular! BUT I did keep the stool softener on hand just in case and I believe they had me on a stool softener regiment while I was in the hospital for delivery. Without getting weird, I’ll just say my first postpartum poo was easy and breasy!

Pads – Big ones or cloth (6 postpartum, 4 heavy, 5 regular, 5 light)

Before baby arrived, I stocked up on the biggest pads I could find without getting adult diapers. I believe they were for incontinence rather than periods. I unwrapped a few and made these frozen padsicles that were so soothing in the first few days! Both my older and my younger sister, however, recommend cloth pads! Crunchy mom runs in the family. They say that they where much more comfortable and even made period cramps lighter and easier due to the lack of chemicals near your sensitive areas. You can buy them on Amazon (God love Amazon) or at most cloth diaper retailers! Next go ’round, I’ll be getting these so my “lady bits can sit on a cloud!” as my sister put it.

Bringing home baby can be so scary as everything is new and you have this tiny stranger depending on you for his dear life! But just remember this –

You can’t take care of him if you don’t take care of yourself.

I repeated that phrase to my self over and over in the rough patches, as I laid my screaming, hungry infant on the floor so I could go to the bathroom and tend my lady part. You got this! Just be gentle with yourself as you heal – mentally and physically.

I hope this list is helpful to at least one new or expecting mother! Be sure to catch my other mom-lists!


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