DIY – Etched Glass

For my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s bridal shower, I made these absolutely precious champagne flutes as take-home favors. Quite a few people asked me how I made them so, here you are, a simple DIY that gets stunning results and a lot of ‘Wow’s.

you will need:

  • A glass to etch – mason jar, wine bottle, windowpane
  • Etching cream – Amazon and craft stores carry this brand
  • An applicator – brush, popsicle stick, plastic spoon
  • Gloves – as per the directions on the bottle, or you could live dangerously
  • A stencil – craft stores carry generic stencil or use sticker or tape for a geometric design

For my stencil, I used my Silhouette vinyl cutter to cut Beka XO’s logo!

If you have a vinyl cutter, the best way to make a stencil is using regular contact paper, glossy vinyl cut settings, and weeding out the part you want to etch.

If you are handy with an X-ACTO knife, I suppose you could even cut your own custom stencil.


Apply the stencil, tape, or vinyl to your glass. I leave a generous edge on my contact paper stencil to keep the cream from running over, but painters tape works as well.

Obviously, I lost an inner piece to my O. Oh well, I’m learning to embraces life’s imperfections. Shocking, I know.


I use my sponge brush to apply the Armour Etch cream. I like to really glob it on to the stencil by dabbing rather than spreading. I do not want it to displace the stencil or seep under any of the edges.


The directions on the bottle say to leave on for one minute. I usually give it three to five for a nice deep etch. Wash the cream off in warm water, remove the stencil, and…voila!


You have the perfect personalized glass! As I have said before on my Shop page here, these make great gifts for the person who has everything!

If you are not crafty enough make your own, you can order one from Beka Xo Co on Etsy! I would love to design one with you!

Really, the possibilities are endless! As long as it’s glass.


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