Baby Shark

Our pediatrician recommended the no-screen-time-until-two rule. But not only did she recommend it, she has asked at ever well-visit if we are sticking to that rule. We fib a little, and say that we make acceptations allowing Cillian to watch baseball and football with dad. We do not tell her that he has watched all available seasons of All Hail King Julien on Netlfix, and that he can quote lines from Moana.

We are raising a child in 2018. I am pretty sure that whole no-screen-time-thing does not actually apply anymore. If you are a parent, and you have stuck to that rule, I bow to you. Also, I wish you the best of luck when your kid cannot figure out the iPads they use in school. I am sure Cillian will be willing to give him a crash course.

Here for your Monday viewing pleasures, my son’s favorite acceptation to the no-screen-time-rule.

P.S. I am positive this song was around when I was in middle school, but it has just NOW become the cool thing amongst two-year-olds. But like, how?


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