An Open Letter To the New Owners of My First Home

Dear New Owners of My First Home,

Welcome home. I hope everything went smoothly for you with this transition. Moving is hard, and buying a house can be frustrating, but it is also so exciting! I want to tell you a few things about the house that you are making a home.

My husband and I built this house just for us. We chose every color, every texture, and the placement of every light switch. Because of that, I want to apologize for any imperfections. I know some of the light switches feel as if they are inconveniently placed on the other side of the room, and there is never an outlet where you need it. We also did not realize how badly the grey walls would clash with tiny handprints. Sorry about that. Oh, and you are welcome for the only side garage in the neighborhood. That was my doing.

Also, that stain on the concrete outside is only chocolate!

This house that you now own has already seen parties and collected friendships. It has sheltered stressful times, and mediated arguments. We brought our first baby home to this house. I spend long nights pacing this hallway with a colicky infant, shushing until my shusher was sore. We danced in this kitchen. I planted many flowers in the backyard. But I also killed them all. Maybe you will have better luck.

This house, at its very core, is full of blessings and love. When it was nothing but a framework of the house it would become, we wrote prayers and blessings in every room and above every doorway. I hope, even if you are not Christian or religious at all, that you can feel the good vibes in this house. I hope the positive energy radiates through the walls and into your heart. I want you to feel nothing but peace every time you enter. I want you to feel home.

I don’t tell you any of this to put some kind of claim on the house. It is yours now. I don’t want you to feel like you are living in my shadow. I just want you to show the house more than we did. I want you to celebrate bigger, laughed more often, and put up more Christmas decorations than we ever could. Bake more cookies. Make a bigger mess, and just do life in this house harder than we were ever able to.

This house, for all it gave to us, deserves to see more.


The Previous Owners


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