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Welcome to Beka XO – A place where I share my life, my story, and my heart. As a full-time working mom and wife, my life is overflowing, constantly changing, and sometimes overwhelming. I’m on a mission to make sense of it all while being my best self.

I met my Great Love Jon, a native Floridian, while we were at school in Tennessee and I moved with him to Florida without much protest. We were married in 2014, and two years later we added another Great Love to our life – our son Cillian [KIL-ee-an]. We call him C, or something like it. As a new mom, I am faced with having to decide how I will parent and how I can fit mom-life into my already brimming day-to-day.  Thankfully, I have a knack for scouring the internet and a tendency to hoard the information I find on any given subject.

Having grown up with six siblings on the mission field of the Caribbean, I am no stranger to a well-structured, simple life and I’ve found value in adapting some of the principles I was brought up with to my modern mom style. I consider myself a realistic minimalist and a semi-crunchy mama. I love a good DIY and find joy in sharing my projects through  my Etsy store! So whether you’re here for the cloth diaper tips, the latest crafting project, or just a good laugh, I’m glad you’ve decided to join my family and me as we learn, and grow with life.

Just before Peter Pan took Wendy’s hand to fly off to Never Land, he shouted, “Here we go!” but unlike Peter, my son has to grow up and I will grow with him. So I say –

Here we grow!



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